Brand Ambassador Kit


Sell your soul to makeup!

Beauty bloggers & Influencers!

Want to sell Belladonna's Cupboard to your friends? Want to make a little bit of money doing so? Want to buy the majority of our collection at once for a discount? Want access to nearly wholesale pricing without having your own store to feed your own makeup habit or be able to make money selling what extra buy to your friends?

Then get our Belladonna's Cupboard Brand Ambassador Collection. You get this huge set (valued at over $600) for only $300! And after you order, we will change your account status to Brand Ambassador where you get exclusive discounts and up to 40% off on most items. You also get access to our wholesale catalog and promo materials. This is a great deal for bloggers, gurus or anybody that just loves our products and wants to spread the word around a little.

Choose a palette, get all of our lip glosses, all of our lipsticks, all of our loose pigments and get one makeup bag of your choice for $300


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