*UPDATED FOR SEPTEMBER* We are working on getting caught up as quickly as possible by hiring help and discontinuing some products. Weve slowed the promotion of ads on Facebook to reduce incoming sales while we catch up. Weve also been in communication with our customers about all delays in shipping. We are aware that when pre-order products are extended, we need consent from customers to continue to wait, so we have requested that customers let us know if they want to wait for the tentacle brushes from the new manufacturer, if they choose to wait for handmade ones that we will be going out soon, or if they want a refund. 
As most of you know, we are a tiny business. Two sisters, Rachel Boese & Beth Amphetamine. Our team consists primarily of the two of us, (plus Rachel's husband). While our brand has grown rapidly this year after announcing our Cthulhu Palette and Tentacle Brushes pre-orders, our team has not, and well be hiring local assistants to help with production and shipping in Fall 2018 as we scale our organization to meet the needs of our customers. 
All of our products have been handmade by us since we were founded in 2014, except for the makeup bags. The makeup bags are printed on demand, and are fulfilled and shipped by a third party. The makeup brush sets or other items that we offer as gifts free with purchase are also from a third party. Our tentacle brushes, which we do not buy pre-made from a wholesaler, are our first venture into outside manufacturing, so please bear with us as we work out the kinks with the various manufacturers weve been dealing with. Starting with our Vampire: The Masquerade collection, all of our new palette releases will be manufactured by a local and well-known cosmetics manufacturer in Chatsworth, CA. We are also transitioning the other palettes we aren't discontinuing to outside manufacturing as we go. We are still making the individual colors, some lip colors, faux blood, FX products and smaller releases by hand. 
If you need something by an event deadline or within a specific timeframe, please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate you. We usually respond to emails within 24-48 hours. Email is by far the quickest and easiest way for us to keep track of communication with you and serve you best.


If you order a pre-order item with other items, they will generally all ship together when the pre-order item is ready, except for makeup bags, those are fulfilled and shipped by a 3rd party and will always arrive separately. We will always do what we can to accomodate customer requests and will ship out items ordered with pre-order items separately on a case by case basis. As with all pre-order items, final details about the product are subject to change before initial release. The final result will be high quality and any changes that result beforehand will be imposed solely to improve the product to it's highest potential before releasing it. We are a tiny company without access to investors or outside funding and we use the funds from pre-orders to order supplies or cover materials to put the new products that the pre-order is for on the market. We always stand behind our products and believe sincerely in customer satisfaction. We will always refund or offer store credit exchange for our products once they are in your hands if you're not satisfied.
Our Tentacle Brushes were announced in April as pre-orders to help us crowdfund them into existence. Weve sent out consistent updates about the progress,manufacturing challenges,and timelines. The first estimation for time for them to be ready was June, though as with many new items and/or new manufacturer relationships, estimates can and have been incorrect. We promised delivery beginning in August because the next manufacturer we were working with gave us that guarantee. When that fell through, we hired makeup artist Heather Wren, who sculpted the original brushes prototype, to begin casting and molding them by hand for anyone who didnt want to wait any longer and also offered refunds to customers who requested one. Those who ordered them before August, and dont want to wait for the new Australian manufacturer, will receive the small batch version we are making ourselves that will beshipping in September.  
Thankfully, most of you have been totally supportive and are fine waiting - but if youre not, thats totally cool, also. We will accommodate you! 
Why are we still taking pre-orders for these brushes instead of cutting off pre-orders after the first bout of issues with manufacturing?Because the new manufacturer out of Australia requires that we place a larger initial order than we previously sold, and wed like to have the brushes in stock for future orders to avoid similar delays. 
The Baphomet Palette is the final launch we are making ourselves. The empty palettes that we received from the manufacturer were not up to our specifications, and our attempts to solve the issue with vinyl labeling did not work under extreme humidity. Weve been sending out replacements and refunds as youve asked and we will continue to do so. The newest batch of palettes feature a new design for greater durability. 
There is a specific pink that is in both the Baphomet and Cthulhu palettes that, despite passing rigorous handling and travel tests, has had a tendency to break while shipping to some customers. This issue has been resolved with a new formulation that is much hardier and remains UV reactive. 
The original Cthulhu palette is particularly susceptible to rough handling. This is because they are matte pigments and hand pressed. We have re-launched the Cthulhu palette with entirely new formulations for each pigment. This version ships beautifully and is incredibly durable. Some of the colors are different, most are the same. For anyone who ordered the original with pre-orders and has not yet received it due to being bundled with other items still in process,we are happy to include individual pigments of any of the colors that were in the old one for free. 
With the Vampire: The Masquerade launch, and subsequent launches, our pigments will be pressed with hydraulic presses to reduce breakage, just like your favorite big brand cosmetics.  
A shipment of the empty palettes for the Nightmares palette arrived broken, causing delays in those orders, as well. As soon as we realized how long it would take to get caught up we updated the site and ship times in early July and emailedupdates to everyone as quickly as we could. Both the Baphomets and Nightmares have been discontinued and the remaining orders will be shipped in the beginning of September.  
Fortunately, we expect to have a full stock by October, and we will be better-staffed and able to ship quickly with rare exceptions. Sold out items will not be restocked, though if they are, it will be with a clear and defined waiting period provided by our new, local manufacturer 
We deeply appreciate our customers, as we literally could not do this without you! We have received an overwhelming amount of supportive responses, feedback and love for our products. For this we are incredibly grateful.  
However, to anyone we disappointed, you are just as important to us. Please let us make it up to you. We understand that we made major missteps by not being prepared for the volume of orders weve received. We are doing everything we can to get systems in place so that we can catch up and prevent these issues from happening in the future. It was never ourintention to deceive anyone. Wecompletely understand anyfrustration and weapologize sincerely. We are improving our systems, expanding our team, and we are taking all feedback under consideration to provide the best overall experience for you, our invaluable customer.  
If you have a question that isn't listed or need help with an order, don't hesitate to email us and we'll answer within 48 hours!