Day 9 FX Lessons


If you're not able to commit to a professional brand airbrush, Harbor Freight sells airbrushes and compressors for very cheap and often has great online coupons. The only downside to these when you're starting out is that they tend to break down more easily and are harder to keep clean for a beginner. There are tons of tutorials out there and if you want to learn airbrush makeup it's an excellent tool to have. Most haunted houses only hire makeup artists with airbrush experience. It lasts longer than cream or cake makeups and can blend in seamlessly with the skin and prosthetics. Please, only use made for skin makeup in an airbrush gun you intend to point at human flesh. You can make your own airbrush paints using pigments and alcohol. Most of learning airbrush painting is practice and experimentation. If you have the opportunity to apprentice or learn from someone else, it's much easier to learn airbrush makeup that way. There are a lot of moving parts and variances between brands and different supplies.