There is such a huge variety of false eyelashes available from individuals to full on burlesque-ESQUE intricate paper lashes with laser cut designs in them. False lashes are a personal choice that every person must make for themselves, but they can really pull a look together or give someone confidence who feels that their lashes aren't long or thick enough with just mascara. With individual lashes on darker lashed individuals, you don't even need to use mascara. There's lash extensions now too, if you don't want to go to the cosmetic route every day.


Click Here to see how to apply individual lashes in under a minute.


As far as mascara is concerned, if you're going for a natural look, you don't want the mascara to be visible. You can curl your lashes with a curler and add a couple of coats, maybe use a comb. If you're blond or red headed naturally, brown is better for natural makeup looks because it's more subtle than you think. Colored mascara is a thing and tons of brands carry it now, but you can also take loose pigments and wet them down with water or a mixing medium and apply them to lashes in place of mascara for colored lashes. You can do the same thing with gel or liquid eyeliners. This is a fun reason to have fan brushes like we mentioned earlier.  Just be sure you use a good oil free eye makeup remover so you don't irritate your eyes or pull at your lashes too hard when trying to clean them off. A good eye makeup remover just gently melts the makeup off. We normally just use the equate stuff from Walmart , it works just like Neutrogena and a little tissue paper or cotton balls with that on it and our eye makeup is off in seconds. Even for waterproof mascara. Some people like the clumpy spider lashes, some people hate water proof, some wear water proof every day. Everyone has a different style and different needs where mascara is concerned, and it's far better to try out different options than rely on someone else's opinion, just because of how personal and varied the choices are. I personally like to use a thickening mascara followed by a lengthening mascara, the result is eyelashes that look fake but aren't.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use disposable mascara wands if you're doing someone else's makeup and don't double dip. You should have a separate mascara for personal use. If you don't have access to disposable wands. They're super cheap! In a pinch, have the client bring their own mascara. Eyes are sensitive and you don't want to take any chances sharing germs. Just don't do it. There are also different kinds of disposable wants and they have a different effect even applying the same formulas. If you're worried about smudging the mascara, take a makeup sponge or tissue and hold it with the other hand under or above the lashes while you swipe the mascara on. If you do end up smudging it, take a q-tip before the smudge dries and dab in a circular motion to remove the smudge. If that doesn't get all of it, if it's on the lid cover with the same eyeshadow you used before, if it's under the eyes dab a little concealer over it and blend. Make sure you get product all the way to the base of the lashes.