Eyebrows are arguably the most important feature of a person's face. Changing or removing this one simple feature can dramatically change a person's looks.

Instagram brows (Also known as HD Brows or The Fade) were all the rage last year with their chiseled precision shape and ombre-esque look. This brow style is not new though and has been used for decades by the drag community.

This year, we are seeing thicker, more natural brows in media more often. The chiseled brows look great on social media and in photographs but sometimes look drawn on in person. From a professional standpoint, to be safe, look at red carpet looks. Celebrites' brows are usually just well groomed brows in their natural shape. While, thickness and shape are largely determined by the style of the times and personal preference, the best rule of thumb for eyebrow grooming is as follows:

The following is a list of eyebrow styles based on historical beauty eye-cons (yes, I went there) and also a quick tutorial on covering brows so you can start with a fresh palette. You can also use a glue stick to cover the brows quickly and safely. This washes off easily and is non toxic. FX wax can be used to cover brows also, but is much trickier to apply.

Eyebrow pencils and powders applied with an angled brush offer the most control and you can create little hair like strokes for a natural look. Brow gels can be longer wearing, but a bit more tricky to apply accurately at first. Use an eyebrow brush to brush the hairs in the direction they go, trim off the excess and tweeze or wax around the edges to create the shape you want. Then color them in or add hairlike strokes as need for sparse or light colored natural brows. It's better to start with a lighter color and get darker gradually. Even individuals with black hair don't normally need black brow color, dark brown will often darken on a person's skin depending on their chemistry and looks more natural.