Day 5 FX Lessons


FX WAX is a very varied material. Consistency and ease of use vary drastically by brand. Some are harder to manipulate, some do better heated up, some work better with alcohol to smooth out and prevent sticking or castor oil. FX wax can build up features like noses, eyebrows and chins without prosthetics quickly, or be used to make wounds quickly and seamlessly. It won't hold up to movement or heat. It's sometimes used in theater where the audience is far away and detail isn't important but also is great for photo shoots. It's probably not very useful in film or haunted house setting.

There are many great brands of wax and it all comes down to personal preference which one you prefer. We carry one that is softer and can be manipulated without using oil or alcohol.
Using Wax to create written wounds really quickly for the #selfexpressionrevolution
Nose Buildup for Lady MacBeth Theater Makeup using Flesh Crafter Necro Wax: