We're gonna take things back to art class for a second. Colors that are opposite of each other on there color wheel are complimentary colors, this means that they look good together or can make the other stand out more. Copper and orange eye shadows can make blue eyes look more blue. They can also cancel each other out, like if  you have a lot of red in your skin then using a green based concealer first then covering it with concealer and your foundation and blending it seamlessly into the skin makes the redness disappear. The same goes for yellow tones over purple for bruising or tired under eye bags. Applying this knowledge can help you create a more flawless look.

It's also important to acknowledge that skin tones range drastically in tone and shade, when mixing up a foundation for a client or when trying to match a foundation to your own skin, look at your undertones. If the foundation of choice doesn't have the right undertone it can look funny, make you look ashy or ruddy and be less than flattering.

The following is a great guide using Makeup Forever's color corrector for how to apply color wheel knowledge to the skin. Makeup Forever is a full and extensive line of professional quality makeup. You can find it at Sephora or online and in other beauty stores as well.

In choosing a foundation color, it's best to match it up to your neck. Even with a shade that matches well, for texture reasons, always blend into your neck.

This website is a great resource for finding new brands that match your skin tone without going in person to try them. Stores like Sephora will give you samples and let you try things out in store though. The samples are great because you can take them home and wear them in different lights. Many women use different shades through out the year based on their outdoor activity levels, changing skin textures through the seasons or tans.

Ben Nye Powders are a staple for many makeup artists since they play well with other products and can be mixed together to be used for contouring, highlighting or to match skin tones very specifically. Ben Nye has been around for a long time and offers a full range of professional products.

This is a general guide for choosing foundation types. As a side note, mineral makeup or liquid foundation is more generous to more mature skin. Heavier makeup can sit in wrinkles and make them look deeper. Moisturizer also helps fine lines and wrinkles appear less deep. Well moisturized skin makes you look younger. All skin types should use moisturizer and all skin types can use toner as well if you want to. 

The only clinically proven way to reduce wrinkles is with retinol or cosmetic surgery or procedures like botox or fillers. Literally everything else is cosmetic only, like how moisturizer can make wrinkles temporarily appear smaller. Many moisturizers and foundations now contain retinol, but there has to be a certain amount of it to work well. Consult a dermatologist for any skin questions you have. They can also prescribe Retin-A for acne or aging skin, this is retinol.