This pictorial is from @IHEARTMAKEUPART on Instagram. It's a superb example of how to practice getting a really sharp looking winged eyeliner. She recently introduced her own makeup palette.

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A lot of people have asked us about winged liner. It's one of the hardest things for beginners to get, following tutorials like this pictorial above and tract is the best way. Pen liners can make it a little easier since are all used to hold a pencil, liquid liners come in water proof options and are usually the most affordable but hardest to master. Gel liner is a very long wearing option that offers a ton of control, and with the right brush can be easy to apply, but still takes more practice than a pen liner. Pencil liners are often affordable and great for smudging out cut creases and lining your water line and lash line but don't offer enough precision and control even at their sharpest to make a good wing. With enough practice with eyeliner, you can do anything. As mentioned before, you can also use pressed shadows or loose pigments with water or mixing medium or something like cake liner sealer found at some special effects stores to make it more long wearing and have endless color choices. Some artists look down on those who use tape as a guide or a spoon for their wing. Yes, tape can pull on the skin, but I highly doubt a little scotch tape is gonna do any real damage (unless you're allergic to the adhesive). Whatever helps you learn and be confident is good enough! There's nothing wrong with that!


To show some of the cool things you can do with eyeliners, these looks were done with Belladonna's Cupboard makeup.