The following is a tutorial on lip contouring/ombre lips by DepecheGurl. If you haven't seen this girl's lip looks, then you are missing out. She is incredible creative and an excellent source of inspiration.

If you want to make either your top or bottom lip appear larger, you can outline it slightly with lip liner and then go over it with your lip product of choice. You can also contour your lips like above to make them appear fuller. Please don't try doing anything like the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge or other suction type of methods that don't involve a licensed doctor. They don't work at best and can cause severe injury at worst. I hate that it even needs to be said, but it does. The purpose of lip liner is to provide a base to make some lipsticks more long wearing and to prevent bleeding. Bleeding can happy with creamier or liquid formulas (not usually liquid matte but some brands still struggle) regardless of age or the presence of fine lines around the lips. Lip liner can also add more color for shear lip colors, or you can just use gloss directly over them. Glossy colors tend to photograph well, but they don't hold up as well all day, come off with food and touch and if you live in a windy area with your hair down, you're going to have a bad time in general. If you're not wearing liquid to matte, also make sure you blot or suck on your finger for a second to prevent transfer of color onto your teeth. Red lipsticks make your teeth look whiter while black lipstick while fabulous can sometimes make your teeth look a bit yellow, so load up on the baking soda and whitening scrub before going Goth with your lips.  ALSO, just because one brand of liquid to matte lipsticks is long wearing and kiss proof doesn't mean all will be. Some are just liquid to matte and have amazing color choices like OCC cosmetics and Magnolia Makeup but don't have the staying power of other brands. Others like ours are incredibly durable and long wearing and we're still adding to our color options. You can literally wear our liquid to matte lipsticks all day, eat with them, make out with them on and they still don't budge.



Who says you have to color inside the lines at all. Express yourself!

^John Galliano Spring/Summer 2011 Runway Look