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That depends on where you live. In many states you don't need a license to do makeup on a freelance basis or for film or fashion shows, but you do need a license to work in a salon in most or all states. Internationally, the rules may differ. View a list of state requirements here (this list is in progress), you can also research the specific requirements of what state you live in or by country if you live outside of the United States. 


This course is designed as a jumping off point. We are offering a lot of information that many makeup schools and makeup artists teach. This course is meant to be a quick, immersive way to get a good grasp on the world of professional makeup as well as learning what you can learn and how to learn it depending on what your specific goals involving makeup are. We are also pointing you in the direction of MANY other resources for learning different makeup skills. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to the world of makeup.


That depends on what you're wanting to do professionally and if you live in an area that has makeup schools. Much of the country in the United States has no makeup schools anywhere nearby. From a professional standpoint, if you're wanting to work on movies or celebrities, there's really no substitute for the education an in person school can provide. Many schools hire working makeup artists that work on set all day or on the weekends to teach during their off days. They can offer you real world experience and one on one advice and tutelage that you just can't get elsewhere. There's also the very real benefit of having so many hours of practice on other people, which is what you get from many makeup schools. Many schools offer you the chance to work on other students who have very different skin tones and types from you and you can really only learn how to approach different skin tones and types from this kind of experience. Everyone's skin is different. Schools can also give you the opportunity to emulate real world makeup environments and teach you sanitation, sterilization, makeup safety and how different lighting situations from stage to day or night weddings can significantly effect what you makeup colors and styles to choose if you want the best results. Makeup schools also usually provide a kit that is included in the tuition cost. However, if you want to go into a specific field, say you only want to do high fashion, or theater or work in haunted houses, it may be more economical to find a job that will train you, an apprenticeship or self-study while building a portfolio until you can get hired and gain more experience that way. Companies like Mac and Sephora & Ulta also provide a certain amount of free product per year if they hire you and this is a great way to build a kit also. Many companies also will sponsor MUA's that have a significant social media following. It's possible to make a living now, doing makeup just on yourself for social media or youtube. There is no career path that is more or less valid than others, they are all options and creativity and determination is what it takes. Many companies also provide a pro discount to professional artists.

You can sign up for a pro-discount with us here:  If you're not a working artist yet, you still qualify for taking part in this free course. 


*Disclaimer: owners of Belladonna's Cupboard (Beth and Rachel) are attended Elegance International aka E.I. Makeup School in Hollywood, California. NOTHING FROM THIS FREE COURSE USES MATERIALS PULLED FROM THIS SCHOOL. ALL OPINIONS ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR SCHOOL OVER OTHERS ARE OUR OWN AND BASED ON OUR OWN RESEARCH AND PLANNING  IN OUR CHOICE TO ATTEND THERE. We chose this school despite SEVERAL years of professional experience as freelance artists because it's an all encompassing program that is accredited and offers scholarships and financial aid. View our portfolio and booking info here: There is literally always more to learn, but we literally had to move across the country to even have access to such a program. There is no program like this in Kansas City where we come from.

Makeup Designory or MUD is another accredited makeup school that is in Los Angeles, they offer different programs that focus on Fashion or Special Effects or other specific things and aren't quite as all encompassing as E.I. (in our opinion) but they do offer financial aid and we have friends who are working makeup artists that have gone there and loved it including fellow KC based entrepreneur and fellow Betablox alumni, Courtney Marie Ross . Beth and I both attended cosmetology school in Kansas twice and quit twice. One of the schools we attended is now defunct, B-Street Design because it was a Marinello school. Both schools way oversold the amount of makeup artistry they taught. B-Street offered a single afternoon with a Mary Kay Independent Consultant demoing products and telling us how to apply that specific makeup on ourselves. Not to Knock Mary Kay or their methods by any means, Rachel started out selling Mary Kay when she was 16 while her mom was a consultant, that in many ways launched her interest and opportunities to learn more about makeup and other brands. Something like that is hardly worthy of an education that costs $18,000 and touts professional makeup artist qualifications. Especially since in Kansas, you have to have a cosmetology license to legally apply makeup on anyone, in a salon setting or otherwise. The other school, Regency, offered a week of makeup lessons which Beth said was very good, but once they got to the floor in Topeka, KS no one ever wanted makeup services so they had no chance to practice. Cosmetology schools are great and I'm sure there's as much variance in quality among them as there is with makeup schools if not more. Though, not everyone wants to do hair and not everyone wants to get an estheticians license and do skincare. It all depends on what your goals are, whether these things are going to be of value to you. Some states  require you to get either a cosmetology license or an estheticians to do makeup in a salon setting or just in general. View a list of state requirements here (this list is in progress), you can also research the specific requirements of what state you live in or by country if you live outside of the United States. 

We also know someone, Damien Zimmerman, who learned how to do full body FX casting and monster movie makeup on his own, with his own money and started his own haunted house in Rural Kansas, Zombie Toxin. He then went on to be on FACE-OFF season 7. Now he works at Immortal Masks in Los Angeles. It is entirely possible to learn these arts on your own, through online instruction. It just depends on what works for you.


Here's the thing, there's always more to learn regardless of how much experience or training you have and if you don't have access to in person schools and you are someone who learns better with structures and deadlines, then maybe. Maybe you have kids or lack transportation and childcare. There is no one size approach that fits everyone. As a rule from an industry standpoint, this list: is kind of the end all be all to whether a certificate from a particular school will be taken seriously by most employers. There are always exceptions and if you aren't great at self study or live in an isolated are and maybe don't have the money or know-how to build your own kit, there are online programs that are paid and could be worth your time. Overall, though, you should probably stick to either self study, a school on that list or even better if you live in an area that has accredited schools you can even get Financial Aid using the FAFSA to attend. Very few makeup schools are accredited, but to be so, ensures a minimum level of educational requirements and you don't have to pay entirely out of pocket, you can take out federal studentt loans, get grants and scholarships etc. There are also a ton of FREE OPTIONS ONLINE that you can utilize in addition to this course. 


1-Makeup Schools 101/WAYS TO LEARN AND WHAT TO LEARN (legalities and license requirements!) 2-Cosmetic Ingredients, FDA & European regulations etc! 3-Brushes & Tools (Where to get and a general overview!) 4-Sanitation and Gentle Touch, Illness and expiration Dates on Makeup! 5-Color Wheel and Skin tone/Mixing Makeup to create the colors you want! 6-Camera, Theater, Film & in Person makeup! 7-Contour (different methods, colors & looks!) 8-Eyebrows (types and shapes!) 9-Eyelashes, different mascara, lashes, curling and applying lashes, lash extensions etc! 10-Lips styles and shapes/avante garde! 11-Smokey eye (different methods,colors and looks)! 12-Winged eyeliner (different methods and looks)! 13-Various fx techniques and where to learn more! 14-Portfolio building and networking for makeup artists! Day 15, sample videos of each of the following and the option to opt in to continue with any/all of the following weekly lessons: Weekly: FX makeup lesson Weekly: General Makeup Lesson & new info Weekly: Top Guru Lessons from YouTube Weekly: Professional career tips and advice and places to find jobs Weekly: Product overview, new products to try, reviews of products



That's not what we're here for. There are many out there that already do that and we just want to offer a FREE resource that is kind of a one stop shop for those interested in getting to know more about the world of makeup professionally and even for those who just want to learn how to do makeup better on themselves and maybe their friends. We also prefer things sassy and with a certain savoir faire. That is definitely what you'll get from us. That is why this is the Bad B!tch Makeup Academy by the company that is Makeup for Crazy B!tches, Belladonna's Cupboard. We stand for the #selfexpressionrevolution