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CTHULHU Brush Set (PRE-ORDER) - Belladonna's Cupboard Makeup For Crazy B!tches
CTHULHU Brush Set (PRE-ORDER) - Belladonna's Cupboard Makeup For Crazy B!tches

PLEASE NOTE: pre-orders will begin shipping in December and throughout January. 

TENTACLE BRUSHES, An adventure in manufacturing: 

Our Tentacle Brushes were announced in April as pre-orders to help us crowdfund them into existence. Weve sent out consistent updates about the progress,manufacturing challenges,and timelines. We grossly under estimated how complicated and time consuming it would be to bring them to life and for that we are truly sorry. We have learned a lot from these experiences and now have much more realistic expectations for new launch timeframes. The first estimation for time for them to be ready was June, though as with many new items and/or new manufacturer relationships, estimates can and have been incorrect. We promised delivery beginning in August because the next manufacturer we were working with gave us that guarantee. When that fell through, we hired makeup artist Heather Wren, who sculpted the original brushes prototype, to begin casting and molding them by hand for anyone who didnt want to wait any longer and also offered refunds to customers who requested one. This endeavor turned out to be prohibitively expensive, though the full release of these brushes is still on track to be ready by Mid-December and the pre-orders will begin shipping in December in the order that they came in and throughout January until we have them all sent out. 
Thankfully, most of you have been totally supportive and are fine waiting - but if youre not, thats totally cool, also. We will accommodate you! 
Why are we still taking pre-orders for these brushes instead of cutting off pre-orders after the first bout of issues with manufacturing?  Because this is an expensive process and we need the pre-orders to continue making sure we are able to finish the manufacturing process. We would also like to be able have the brushes in stock for future orders to avoid similar delays. The same answer holds true for the Vampire Collection, we've been working on this collection for almost a year and if we stopped taking pre-orders, the collection would never exist. We already have to make a certain number minimum so pausing pre-orders would only hurt the process. We will have help with shipping going forward and we now have systems to better manage stock & shipping so we don't anticipate any more significant delays in the future. 

*as with all pre-order items, final details about the product are subject to change before initial release. The final result will be high quality and any changes that result beforehand will be imposed solely to improve the product to it's highest potential before releasing it. 

*We are a tiny company without access to investors or outside funding and we use the funds from pre-orders to order supplies or cover materials to put the new products that the pre-order is for on the market. We always stand behind our products and believe sincerely in customer satisfaction. We will always refund or offer store credit exchange for our products if you're not satisfied. 

*These brushes are the very first thing that we had not manufactured ourselves, we are at the mercy of outside production on these & release dates are subject to change until we have them in our hands (though we are doing everything in our power to keep them on schedule).


CTHULHU Brush Set (PRE-ORDER) - Belladonna's Cupboard Makeup For Crazy B!tches
CTHULHU Brush Set (PRE-ORDER) - Belladonna's Cupboard Makeup For Crazy B!tches

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