The makeup brand that a lot of bands are wearing on stage that you probably haven’t heard of “yet”.

An interview with Beth & Rachel, the owners of Belladonna’s Cupboard:

Why do you use song names as the names of your products?

When formulating new products I’m normally listening to music. Music is everything to me. It’s my life. The new color then ends up feeling like the song that was playing and gets named thusly.-Beth

You say that music is your life, have you worked in the music industry.

Tangentially. A lot of my friends are touring musicians all over the world and I graduated high school early, at 16 and instead of spending those teenage years at school, I went on tour with bands all over the country.-Beth

How has the music industry influenced your product line?

It’s really hard to find stage quality makeup that can stand up to the strenuous needs of a sweaty performer especially when they’re jumping around on stage or have their face in a microphone. We’ve worked with musicians and special effects artists to develop our products to be long wearing and versatile.-Beth

Versatile how?

You can use our products in many different ways which is great for musicians and Fx artists alike. You can carry less with you and do more. Our pigments are long wearing with or without primer and can be used wet as eyeliner or body paint or dry like loose eyeshadow. Our liquid lipsticks will also have that versatility. They’re super water proof and you can eat and drink and wear them for almost 24 hours without retouching. Oil is the best way to remove them, lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen, water won’t do it. But they work as excellent bases for other products to keep them in place like our pigments over them create whole new shades and are also long wearing or they can double as eyeliner or body paint as well.-Rachel

What bands are you working with?

Well, we love sponsoring bands to help get our name our there. We don’t require exclusivity like a lot of brands do. Everyone’s style and skin are different and it’s boring to do one thing all the time. We use other brands too although we mostly use ours because the products really are that awesome. We believe in collaboration and lifting up other artists and entrepreneurs rather than competing bitterly. We’ve worked with a handful of local bands in Kansas City including a really talented and undersung pop music band, Red Velvet Crush. They’ve got that girl power thing going on. Nationally and internationally, One Eyed Doll, Dellacoma Rio, Lord of the Lost. Lord of the Lost, we just helped sponsor their tour and went on the road with them selling our makeup alongside their march. There are some larger bands we are working with now that we’re in Los Angeles, but we haven’t announced anything yet. -Rachel