Belladonna’s Cupboard is a lifestyle brand that focuses on self expression and alternative perceptions of beauty. Our makeup line is 100% Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and Paraben Free and designed for special effects makeup artists and performers to be long wearing for stage and film use but gentle and easy to wash off.

Beauty consumers are looking for brands that are ecologically conscious, don't believe in animal cruelty, and are honest about their products and their sometimes scary sounding ingredients. They want to know. Where did this come from? What's in it? Is it natural? Is natural better? Answers to these questions are scarcely found without extensive research. We hold ourselves accountable with total transparency to instill our customers’ support and trust in new formulas.

Makeup is a tool for self-expression. Too often, choices are limited because of price and availability. It is rare to find quality makeup that caters to alternative looks at affordable prices. It is even harder to find cruelty free and vegan brands that cater to these styles. These bold trends are cornered in the cosmetics industry by high prices and boutiques. 

Women are tired of being told how they “should” look, of having the beauty industry dissect their body parts, sizes and features.  It is time to embrace and encourage the message that all women (and, indeed, all people) are beautiful.

We've spent years working in haunted houses and on horror films and alongside musicians and burlesque performers to develop and improve our products. Our makeup is worn by performers all over the world, some examples include Dan Sperry Anti-Conjuror, Shelly d'Inferno & Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll. We also offer free online Special Effects and Basic to Advanced makeup lessons on our website. We are a brand for several niche's that are significantly lacking in representation.We help put the power and control back into the hands of the individual to define their own beauty and express themselves freely by using makeup as an artistic medium. We are pushing to get our makeup line into MORE stores locally and globally to solve the problem of accessibility to the type of products we offer.

Press coverage
"Rachel Boese believes that blood, guts and gore shouldn’t be exclusive or expensive, so she’s bringing professional-looking effects makeup to the people."
On My Mind: Makeup Designer Brings Special Effects to the Masses
Ink Magazine - October 28, 2014
"Belladonna’s Cupboard, a Kansas City cosmetics company specializing in vibrant colors and styles for performers, is casting its creative web wider this Halloween season with the launch of a new FX makeup product line. At Halloween, everyday people enjoy leaving behind what is familiar to try new and even bizarre looks, said Belladonna’s Cupboard co-founder Rachel Boese. “That is the power of makeup,” Boese said in a release. “You can increase your confidence by playing up your best features or by downplaying your less than favorite features. You can use it to express your creativity in literally endless ways, or you can use it to completely deconstruct and reconstruct the human form, like through FX makeup. You can turn a human into an animal, tear into or rebuild flesh and modify bone structure to an enormous degree. It’s powerful. It’s artwork.”"
Belladonna’s Cupboard Launches New Cosmetic Line in Time for Halloween
Thinking Bigger Business Media - October 10, 2014
Beth Amphetamine
Co-Owner, 816-679-6906
Beth Amphetamine doesn't do drugs, she IS a drug and everyone is addicted to her. She is very picky with her tastes in music, but likes a wide variety of genres and bands from Deathstars to Nick Cave and Backstreet Boys. She will judge you based on your taste in music. She spent her teenage years on tour with metal bands since she finished high school early. Oregon is her favorite place in the world, followed by Hollywood at night.
Rachel D Boese
Co-owner, 213-215-6367
New Orleans native, self professed lover of swamps (Swampophile) and obnoxiously styled. Rachel loves H.P. Lovecraft, Belly Dancing, Twerking, Ratchet Girl Music and Marilyn Manson. Her last name is Boese, which means Evil in German. She has a background in business, and an obsession with travel and taking life by the balls and going after everything she ever wanted with feverish determination.
Devin Walker
Our Mentor:
Devin is passionate about mentoring, coaching and volunteering to help small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Devin is a rare breed of insight leader, not just an innovator, Devin is adept at having his finger on the pulse of what's happening now, as well as where things are going. A true visionary. Devin is an energetic inspirational and motivational speaker who speaks on topics ranging from following your dreams, the Entrepreneurial Mind, to success. Extreme altruist/philanthropist.
We Sponsor:
Austin, Texas rock duo One-Eyed Doll have gained an exceptionally loyal and rapidly growing fan base since 2006 with consistent touring, a solid memorable live performance, and a DIY connection with the fans. The band's live set featuring just Kimberly Freeman on guitar and vocals and Jason Rufuss Sewell, AKA: "Junior" on drums, is an interactive fan-friendly experience that's both heavy/sinister and sweet/vulnerable. Their darkly humored, intense, sometimes quirky and theatrical rock and roll captures the hearts of metal, rock, goth and punk all-ages audiences night after night. The band released their latest concept album, "Witches" with Standby Records and is planning a Summer tour of the USA. TOUR DATES
We Sponsor:
Dan Sperry is the most popular modern illusionist of his generation. His fascination with the art of magic began when he was four years old and he performed his first paid show at age 11. By the time he was 17 Anti-Conjuror™ Dan Sperry was already an internationally recognized champion with honors including being one of the youngest illusionists to headline the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood and shortly thereafter his resume would grow to include multiple appearances on the hit TV series “Masters of Illusion”, the youngest illusionist featured in several shows on the Las Vegas strip, tours taking him around the world including France, Italy, Canada, and Greece, he is also the only illusionist to ever be awarded the title of most original magician on FOX’s “World Magic Awards.”
We Sponsor:
Shelly d'Inferno is a tattooed model, performer, fashion designer, make-up artist and photographer. She has been involved in the alternative scene since many years back, and has graced the covers of several international magazines such as Bizarre Magazine, Skin Deep, Tattoo Italia and Advanced Photographer. During early teens she experimented with photoshooting and discovered her passion for modeling, photography and styling, which she took on as a career after moving to London. Alongside the already mentioned trades Shelly also designs and runs her own clothing company
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Very high quality products! Excellent wearing eye shadows- I've yet to have any creasing without a primer and pigments are fantastic. I like the colors. They look like they'd be difficult to wear but honestly most of them look good on any skin color. The gel eyeliner goes on easily and dents budge. I would put them up against a high end brand any day of the week."
Kelsey Roberts
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This is a cosmetic line that is going places & changing faces!!! They have EVERYTHING you could desire!!! From classic looks, to vibrant colors, to special F/X makeup!!!!!!! Makeup cases & subscription boxes!!! I LOVE ALL of their colors, soooo much pigment!!! Vegan, Cruelty Free, & AMAZING!!! GET SOME NOW!!! This company & the bad ass women behind it are great!!! "
Krissi Atkisson
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I use their shadows a lot and they are extremely pigmented and they last all day too. I've gone to several concerts wearing their shadow and it never budged! One of my top makeup brands for sure 😊"
Gwendolyn Pineda
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I've never used their eye shadows but their water activated palettes and creams have been great for me."
Ashton Blake Seibert
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I use BC eyeshadows ALL the time and the staying power is INSANE!! I fell asleep with my makeup on and the next DAY it looked like I JUST applied it...After dancing all night at a glow party❤ Their pigmentation is fabulous and for the price???? SO WORTH IT"
Chandra Cummings-Bishop
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Love everything I received, excellent customer service. Highly recommend to anyone"
Sophia Fosdick
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"OH MY GOD! So I bought your rock is not dead coffin at US Toy today and used it along with the others I have bought from you for my shoot today and I will NEVER falter from your makeup!! It lasted through my entire fire shoot and is the only makeup I have found that has minimal fade after fire breathing!! Verona Fink"
Verona Fink
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This is the best stuff I've ever used for stage. HIGHLY recommended. "
-Kimberly Freeman (One Eyed Doll)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"RVC rockin Belladonna's Cupboard cosmetics in this video interview w/ Music Junkie Press at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, California <3"
Jillian Riscoe
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"! Love product! Exactly as described! I llloovvveee the red it is amazing! "
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